The Flare

I was tumbling out my life I was losing all the light And all delight i'd ever known Was running out of sight.   And i wondered, wondered to myself: "Is this my final halt? Is this where I lose all my joy? Is all of it my fault?"   But then, I saw a... Continue Reading →


The identity

That cage in which you're locked up there, Break it, and grow free For you're the only one who cares And you're the one you want to be Don't care what the world thinks about you Don't take it as your life's end Don't change yourself with the world As really, you dont have to... Continue Reading →

The state of despair

Who knew that the assets created by our Mother Nature for the beneficial use of mankind could lead to the doom of mankind itself? That is what we humans have been doing ever since we have been noted in existence. Wood and metal weren’t created to make guillotines which would kill millions in the French... Continue Reading →

New beginnings

The memories in my heart, The thoughts in my mind And love in my veins, Are frozen with time I feel them in myself And cherish them all time I wait for a new start And leave the flaws behind With every moment that passes New memories, i shall make With every second that ticks,... Continue Reading →


The fireball was blinding, The pollution - deadly But even after the damage, Did the terrorists understand?- merely.   All they wanted was power, Power they’d just stolen, In form of weapons and explosives That left many heartbroken.   They went on and on, Without a shred of sympathy They left thousands wondering: “Is this... Continue Reading →


Another bomb exploded, and many lives gone, another act of firing, Another gloomy dawn   But who cared about that orphaned child? Who’d lost his parents in the heat And who cared about that lonely widow? Whose world had moved off her feet?   And yet more explosions, More and more losses More and more... Continue Reading →

Light or smoke?

Awestruck by the lights, He stood there For the glowing colours of the bulbs Had spread light everywhere But as he saw beyond the lights He noticed something dark He saw clouds of grey and black, Originating from the sparks And yet, he stood there This time, traumatized. And he was in a greater sorrow,... Continue Reading →


The lights of joy, The stars above, Tell you to soar, As if a dove. So spread your wings, And take a flight, Do not be stopped, By any fright. For when you try, You shall succeed, And sooner or later, The world you'll lead. Just like a flower, Forever glow, And never forget, To... Continue Reading →

Peaceful world? Not really

THE MODERN WORLD - An amazing place, right? Advanced technology, Luxurious lifes, amazing view. Or is it? Sure, there is modern technology- which is used to make weapons that kill thousands, Luxurious lifes- undeniable, but then again, people only live till their 70s at the max these days, amazing view they say? Sure! such an... Continue Reading →

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