The lights of joy, The stars above, Tell you to soar, As if a dove. So spread your wings, And take a flight, Do not be stopped, By any fright. For when you try, You shall succeed, And sooner or later, The world you'll lead. Just like a flower, Forever glow, And never forget, To... Continue Reading →


Peaceful world? Not really

THE MODERN WORLD - An amazing place, right? Advanced technology, Luxurious lifes, amazing view. Or is it? Sure, there is modern technology- which is used to make weapons that kill thousands, Luxurious lifes- undeniable, but then again, people only live till their 70s at the max these days, amazing view they say? Sure! such an... Continue Reading →


"Where there is love, There is life" These lines were accurately spoken by Mahatma Gandhi during the violent uprise in the Indian struggle for independence, clearly, the words themselves state the absolute power and the inextinguishable strength of LOVE . So what is love? just 2 people who feel attracted towards each other? Oh no,... Continue Reading →


Heaven. What is the first think you think of when you hear the word? Probably something related to clouds, paradise, angels, and other such imageries. But then, there is another aspect to the term, yes, you've supposedly got what i am trying to convey. "heaven", is a rather complexed term, it can be a feeling,... Continue Reading →

The beauty of reality

Darkness and pain was all she knew, All she'd seen were shadows. She'd never known the beauty of earth, She'd never dreamt of meadows.   And as she stepped into the grass, A new life of hers began; So careless of the ticking hours, Unstoppably, she ran.   The breeze pulled her hair back, And... Continue Reading →


There's a place i visit in dreams A place that i call paradise A place where the water is clear as crystals A place full of flickering butterflies And every time i visit it Its landscape soothes my soul And the colorful flowers all around Give me joy i can't control The dewdrops lying on... Continue Reading →

A peaceful place

When theres no life filled with pain, And there's joy on every face. Ill finally get to say that; The world is a peaceful place.   When all people are happy, All the places filled with grace Ill finally get to say that; The world is a peaceful place.   When all hearts are filled... Continue Reading →

A spark

The world was dull, the people pale Their hearts were dark , and full of sorrow They'd been hurt and injured until today, All they wanted was a new tomorrow All of them made the wrong choice And everyone knew it They needed someone to save the day But none had the courage to do... Continue Reading →

Once with dreams…

        Once with dreams, I stood up;         in a swollen foggy land,         but then the world pushed me;          and I fell on my hands            I wish i had known before,          about those creepy beings,          who never let you fly or soar,          and never let you be;            And... Continue Reading →

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